Vision-Guided Machine Tending of Brake Discs

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution



Vision-Guided Machine Tending of Flange Discs for A Large Accessory Factory

Recognition result - densely-stacked brake discs



1. Our solution is suitable for picking brake discs of various specifications.

2. The 3D vision system can generate real-time data of the exact locations and positions of each brake discs. Then it guides the robots to grab the top-most brake disc intelligently.

3. The intelligent motion planning system calculates the optimal path for the robots. So their movement is precise, stable, and collision-free.

4. Equipped with an extended depth of field and a large field of view, Mech-Eye LSR L enables the robots to easily deal with large pallets and to pick up brake discs stacked deeply in the bin. Besides, Mech-Eye LSR L industrial 3D camera can generate high-quality point cloud data for those complex-structured and reflective brake discs.

5. Our solution works well under typical complex lighting environments (>30000 lx).




Our customer has accomplished fully-automated tending with Mech-Mind's assistance;

The overall efficiency is dramatically improved while vastly reducing labor costs.



Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera


Vision-Guided Machine Tending of Brake Discs


Mech-Eye LSR L 

- Large FOV

- Ambient light resistance

- Robust interreflection suppression

- Ideal for robotic guidance