Vision-Guided Glass Feeding & Gluing

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution



The 3D vision system obtains the point cloud information of the glass and automatically generates the gluing trajectory according to the process requirements. The vision system sends the gluing trajectory to the robot to glue precisely.


Vision-Guided Glass Feeding & Gluing

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1. The solution supports a variety of different specifications of glass; it can calculate the best gluing trajectory for different specifications;

2. Mech-Eye industrial 3D camera featuring high precision and a wide field of view can cope with the black color and reflection of glass and produce high-quality point cloud data. The solution uses two Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras to present a seamless integration of point cloud data for the glass;

3. No fixture is needed for precise positioning, which greatly saves the cost.




1. The fully automated gluing production line can adapt to thousands of kinds of glass with a high level of flexibility and intelligence;

2. Production efficiency has been improved while saving labor costs remarkably;

3. Product quality has been improved, and the waste of glue reduced markedly.






Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera


Vision-Guided Glass Feeding & Gluing


Mech-Eye LSR L 

- Large FOV

- Ambient light resistance

- Robust interreflection suppression

- Ideal for robotic guidance