Vision-Guided EV Charging

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution


3D vision precisely locates the charging port and guides the robot to charge the EV automatically with the guidance of the intelligent motion planning algorithm. 


Vision-Guided EV Charging

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1. Featuring ultra-small size and high-precision, Mech-Eye Nano can show great flexibility when it's mounted on the light cobot;

2. Some application scenes are outdoors or in a public parking lot with ambient light interference. Mech-Eye Nano has an excellent performance in resistance to ambient light and can effectively manage the interference of the typical ambient illuminance (>60,000 lx), generating high-quality 3D imaging of black and complex structured charging ports;

3. Mech-Mind AI+3D vision products support various brands of vehicles (such as Tesla, BYD, Xiaopeng, WM Motor, ROEWE, DENZA, etc.);

4. The solution guides the robot to automatically open the charging cover and locate the charging area to charge the EV.




Customers can have their EV charged automatically in the underground garage of commercial buildings (office buildings and shopping malls).






Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera


Vision-Guided EV Charging


    Mech-Eye NANO

    - Ultra-small size

    - High precision

    - Fast scanning speed

    - Strong ambient light resistance

    - Applicable for high-precision requirement           scenarios (assembly, inspection, etc.)