Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Inner Races

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution


3D vision system guides the robots to recognize and accurately grab inner races randomly lying in the deep bin, then place these inner races at their designated positions. The vision-guided robots can concurrently feed two machine tools.


Vision-guided Bin Picking of Inner Gears for A Large Auto Parts Factory

On-Site Images


Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Pinion Gears for A Large Auto Parts Factory

Recognition Results



1. The vision system can quickly recognize inner races of various specifications, even their specifications are newly added.

2. Intelligent AI algorithms calculate the optimal motion for robots, ensuring they stably and accurately grab inner races randomly lying in the deep bin.

3. The built-in motion planning and collision detection algorithms enable the robots to grab those inner races accurately and stably.

4. With an extended depth of field and a large field of view, Mech-Eye LSR L enables the robots to easily pick up inner races stacked deeply in the bin.

5. When it comes to small-sized inner races with reflective surfaces and oil contamination, vision system can still generate high-quality point cloud data.

6. Our solution works well under typical complex lighting environments (>30000 lx).


With Mech-Mind's assistance, our customer has successfully deployed fully-automated loading in the factory;

The overall productivity and efficiency is dramatically improved.





Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera


Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Inner Races


Mech-Eye LSR L 

- Large FOV

- Ambient light resistance

- Robust interreflection suppression

- Ideal for robotic guidance