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Vision-Guided Grease Applying for Swing Bearings

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution




The 3D vision system locates the swing bearing accurately, drawing the gluing and greasing tracks immediately to guide the robot to operate.


Vision-Guided the Grease Applying for Swing Bearings




1. Mech-Eye PRO S industrial 3D camera of high precision produces high-quality 3D point cloud data for all kinds of swing bearings with a certain degree of reflection;

2. No demonstration is needed; the greasing and gluing tracks can be automatically generated in real-time according to the recognition results;

3. Mech-Eye is installed at the end of the mechanical arm. Its field of view can cope with all kinds of large workpieces;

4. Quickly adapt to new specifications.





Remarkably shorten the deployment time of the new type of swing bearings.






Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera


Vision-Guided the Grease Applying for Swing Bearings


      Mech-Eye PRO S



      - High accuracy

      - Detail-rich 3D point cloud images

      - Rapid image acquisition

      - Designed for short- and medium-range applications