Construction Machinery

Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Tracks Links

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution


3D vision system recognizes and locates the track links piled in the bins, instructing robots to grab one by one and double check the front and back sides, and place them at a specified area in a fixed posture with the roll-over table.



Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Tracks Links

On-site image

Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Tracks Links for A Large Engineering Machinery Factory

Recognition results




1.Mech-Eye LSR L industrial 3D camera of a wide field of view and high precision can effectively manage the interference of the typical ambient illuminance (>15000 lx), and handle issues like reflective surfaces, black color objects, and complex structured objects;

2.Intelligent path planning algorithm enables collision-free bin picking of randomly-piled workpieces with high reachability.

3.Intelligent picking algorithm supports multiple TCP clamp automatic switching, smart planning of the best gripper spot.

4.Over 60% of the costs are saved and the single-station output has seen a significant increase after putting Mech-Mind solutions into production.




1. Dozens of stations have been automated with a daily output increased up to over 1000;

2. Over 60% of the costs are saved. And the speed, accuracy, stability fully fulfill the customer's needs.



Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera



Vision-Guided Bin Picking of Tracks Links


           Mech-Eye LSR L 

                   - Large FOV

                   - Ambient light resistance

                   - Robust interreflection suppression

                   - Ideal for robotic guidance