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Vision-Guided Drive Gear Picking

Mech-Mind AI+3D Industrial Robot Solution



The 3D vision system guides the robot to identify and pick the drive gears, and place them in a specified area for quenching.


Vision-Guided Drive Gear Picking

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1. The new generation Mech-Eye LSR L industrial 3D camera with a wide field of view and high precision easily deals with the typical ambient light interference (> 30,000 lx);

2. Mech-Eye Industrial 3D camera, which features water and dustproof, readily copes with harsh environments such as dust and high temperature (the surface temperature of the workpiece is 50-120 degrees Celsius) ;

3. The solution supports parts even with a certain degree of reflection, rusty surface, complex structure, etc.; Quickly adapts to new specifications;

4. The feeding efficiency is nearly doubled compared to manual feeding.





1. There is no need for workers to participate with the automation playing a crucial part;

2. The feeding efficiency is significantly increased, nearly doubled.



Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera



Vision-Guided Drive Gear Picking


           Mech-Eye LSR L 

                   - Large FOV

                   - Ambient light resistance

                   - Robust interreflection suppression

                   - Ideal for robotic guidance