LogiMAT 2022 - Build Smart, Sustainable & Safe Intralogistics with Hikrobot

May.31-Jun.2, the 20th LogiMAT International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management was held at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. We showcased our mobile robots and machine vision products to show our leading advantages in technology and solutions.




As Europe's largest and most appealing international logistics exhibition, LogiMAT is themed on Smart – Sustainable - Safe, discussing how can companies best manage the raw material of the future – “data” – efficiently and securely and how can interfaces between operatives, production resources and intelligent robot assistants be defined to optimize the workplace?




In order to solve problems of massive SKUs, heavy picking volume and high request for efficient inbound/outbound delivery, Hikrobot brought an intelligent intralogistics solution that combines hardware and software to realize digitalized and automated warehouse. 




Omni-directional FMR Works with LMR and Palletizing Code Reading Gate

Being dispatched by Hikrobot RCS 2000, the LMR smoothly docks with the omni-directional FMR to realize intelligent transferring in the whole process. Together with the palletizing code reading gate, all the parcel information on one pallet can be separately collected and uploaded to the iWMS 1000 accurately and swiftly. The code reading gate is also able to position single parcel and greatly reduce the searching and checking time, enhancing the logistics accuracy. The iWMS schedules the whole range of mobile robots via RCS, and dock with the ERP/MES/OMS system, achieving digitalized warehouse management. These two systems work together to link through the whole logistics process.


This solution is perfect for automobile and electronic consumer industries, where requires raw material inbound/outbound deliveries and product line infeed/output processes.



Good Helper for High Position Storage-CTU

Hikrobot CTU features a brand-new chassis design that ensures stability when picking up goods from higher positions. It’s equipped with double extendable actuator, capable of lifting up to 4.0m. With visual sensors the actuator can identify the tote’s position and adjust accordingly to store and retrieve safely. It can dock with Latent mobile robot accurately under the dispatch of RCS.