IMHX 2022 – Speed up Your Intralogistics with Hikrobot Intelligent Solutions

From September 6th to 8th, Hikrobot and our partner, Wise Robotics, attended the IMHX 2022 in NEC Birmingham, UK. With intelligent logistics demonstration combined with machine vision products and mobile robots, Hikrobot stands out at the premier logistics show.




IMHX has been one of the UK's leading intralogistics events for professionals who are involved in the handling, movement or transportation of goods throughout the supply chain since 2001. During the three days of demonstration, Hikrobot showcased our product demos and gave our expertise to help visitors customize their automated logistics solutions.




Mobile Robots Cooperation with Smart Code Readers

The CTU handles multiple totes simultaneously to improve picking efficiency and accuracy. Under the control of the same RCS, the latent mobile robot runs continuously and docks with the CTU to maximize the efficiency of overall intralogistics. Together with the intelligent code readers, all materials are tracked and a warehouse with digitized management and high density is created.




Find the Practical Solution for Your Scenario

Hikrobot has served over 1,500 customers with 30,000+ AMRs shipped globally. With local teams in the UK, Hikrobot and Wise Robotics have offered customized smart intralogistics solutions and localized after-sales services to customers from retail, apparel, video games, automobile, aviation and other industries to boost the productivity and enhance picking accuracies, such as SUPERDRY, L&S Engineers, and A.PERRY.